Bulgarian Soccer Manager Gets Clocked and Knocked Over by a Snowball (Video)

Bulgarian soccer manager

If the Philadelphia Eagles fans have taught us anything, it’s that ANYTHING can be used as a weapon against an opposing coach. Even snow. So it should come as no surprise that a soccer manager for CSKA Sofia, a Bulgarian team, was clocked in the head by a snowball from a fan during a Sofia Derby match against Levski.

There are probably a lot of proper nouns you don’t recognize there, but the big takeaway is: Bulgarian soccer manager gets hit in the head by a jerk fan tossing a snowball.

I mean, again, no surprise. As someone who reports tons of brawls and criminal activities at sporting events, I can say that any lower-tier soccer attendees make Eagles and Raiders fans look like nominees for sainthood.

Here’s the video:

It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on, but the soccer manager falls to the ground, then thankfully rises uninjured, but seeking cover immediately. Probably the smart move.


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