Chinese Table Tennis Player Fined $45k for Boastful Display after Win (Video)

Chinese table tennis player

A Chinese table tennis player crossed the line in his victory celebration, and unfortunately, it cost him all his victory winnings. Oops. I know how fired up I get about table tennis, and I’m not even a pro, so I would imagine this guy likes to bring the thunder after a great shot just like I do.

Zhang Jike, the Chinese table tennis player in question, won the Liebherr Men’s World Cup by upsetting a top seed. He then proceeded to celebrate, because we all know Asian ping-pong players party like caged animals after a big win. (And if you’re upset that I called table tennis “ping pong,” you should lighten up.)

However, rather than celebrate later that night with cocaine and a bisexual orgy, like most of the table tennis players I know, this Chinese table tennis player kicked a sign into pieces.  And as a result, the International Table Tennis Federation has decided to punish Zhang by withholding his $45,000 prize for winning the tournament.

Too violent, buddy, although, it does look a little freaky. See for yourself:

When he loses, I wonder if he puts something broken back together instead. You know, because winning is the opposite of losing, etc, so forth…

Let this be a lesson to aspiring ping-pong champions: For God’s sake, if you’re going to celebrate a win or good shot, just blow out your paddle like it’s a smoking gun and holster it in your pants. No one will take your money for doing that.

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