Colt McCoy Celebration Fails Highlight Washington’s OT Upset Over Dallas (GIFs)

colt mccoy celebration fails

Last night in Dallas, Colt McCoy revived his career by leading Washington to an upset overtime win against the archrival Cowboys. However, while he was able to shake off most of the rust behind center—throwing for 299 yards and a solid 94.3 passer rating—his celebration skillz were a little lacking. And that led to a couple of pretty enjoyable Colt McCoy celebration fails.

The first came after McCoy scored this rushing touchdown early in the fourth quarter to give Washington a 17-10 lead:

While running back to the Washington sideline he got a little over-exuberant, tripped, fell down, and rolled into a backwards summersault:

colt mccoy celebration fails

Then, after orchestrating an 80-yard overtime drive that culminated in the game-winning field goal, McCoy met head coach Jay Gruden at midfield and…well, it was really awkward:

colt mccoy celebration fails

Yeah, nobody really knew what they were doing there.

I’m sure McCoy will iron out the kinks, though. Robert Griffin III is supposed to be coming back pretty soon, but he’ll probably just play a game or two before getting injured again. And at that point, McCoy will get another chance to celebrate.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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