Jordan Kilganon, Amazing Dunker, Dresses as Spider-Man and Throws Down (Video)

Jordan Kilganon

Jordan Kilganon might not be a household name, and this video of him dunking dressed as Spider-Man almost surely won’t change that, but it is pretty…interesting. Why would someone who is as naturally gifted as Jordan Kilganon when it comes to dunking put together this slapdash video mash-up of him as Spider-Man? Because comic book movies are very, very hot right now, of course!

Anyway, if you want to see a streetball guy get fake bullied like Peter Parker, only to slip into a shoddy Spider-Man outfit to dunk…you came to the right place my friend. It’s a shame that Jordan Kilganon had to dress up these pretty cool dunks like he’s starring in a fourth grade play, because it sort of cheapens the whole thing. ¬†But the dunks are still¬†pretty amazing.

Here’s the video:

Bonus points for including a cut-rate Gwen Stacy with bitchy resting face to hold the ball up. That’s not something you normally see at NBA All-Star weekend.

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