Here’s the Brilliant Jordan Reed Catch that Set Up Washington’s Game-Winning Field Goal (GIF)

jordan reed catch

Colt McCoy had a little trouble with his celebrations last night, but he was totally clutch when it mattered most. Case in point? The game-winning 58-yard overtime drive, which was highlighted by McCoy’s pass on 3rd and 3 that led to a brilliant Jordan Reed catch.

McCoy got things going in overtime with a 23-yard pass to Pierre Garcon. Two plays later, Washington was at the 50 and desperately needing to convert on 3rd and 3 to keep their hopes alive. McCoy took the snap in shotgun formation and, not seeing anybody open, he fled the pocket. Then he spotted Jordan Reed, motioned for him to run up the field, and lofted a perfect pass out of the reach of Cowboys linebacker Bruce Carter.

That’s when Reed took over. It was an improvised play, and he had been looking for a pass more perpendicular to the sideline. However, McCoy threw parallel to the sideline, so Reed had to pivot, change directions, catch the ball, and get his toes on the ground before falling out of bounds.

Take a look:

jordan reed catch

Washington only gained five yards on the play. But that was enough for the first down, and five plays later they kicked the game-winning field goal.


Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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