‘No Means No’ When It Comes to Colt McCoy Postgame Interviews (Video)

Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy was a pretty important guy, as one would imagine, after the mighty Dallas Cowboys fell to Washington last night. And because the media is the media, they instantly started discussing if he was starting quarterback material, all while falling over themselves just to get a word in with the young Texas Longhorns alum.

However, Colt McCoy had places to be, and one reporter was a little too pushy when it came to getting a word in, so he had to be reprimanded like a toddler. Or a potential rapist. It’s pretty subjective.

In fairness to Colt McCoy and his handler, the reporter from ESPN Deportes was being a pushy prick, and probably deserved a physical response after barreling into McCoy to ask him whatever inane question he would have been asked by 45 other reporters.

Here’s Captain Pushy getting told what’s what by a giant dude that models his job after Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard.

If you’re interested, sir, Tony Romo is available.

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