30 Sexy NFL Cheerleader Halloween Costumes [2014 Edition]

sexy nfl cheerleader halloween costumes 2014

I’m not entirely sure why I look forward to sexy NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes every year. NFL cheerleaders aren’t like regular women, some of whom use Halloween as en excuse to dress much more provocatively than they normally do. NFL Cheerleaders dress provocatively every week during the football season. So sexy NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes don’t show me much I haven’t seen before.

And yet, somehow, sexy women get sexier when they put on a pair of mouse ears or a superhero outfit. I don’t know. It must be something primal deep within my brain.

In any case, hopefully it’s something primal deep within your brain, too, because I’ve compiled a whole list of this year’s sexy NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes.

Take a look…

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