Carmelo Anthony ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cameo Is a Head-Scratcher (Video)

Carmelo Anthony 'Sons of Anarchy' Cameo

The Carmelo Anthony ‘Sons of Anarchy’ cameo last night made for a pretty baffling moment. Why Carmelo? Why a Sons of Anarchy cameo? Did he hog the ball on the set?

So many questions, most of which we prefer to go unanswered for the sake of comedy. However, we’ve got a few insights from Uproxx.

But first…the video featuring a very not-smiling Melo in his greatest role yet.

Here’s the Carmelo Anthony ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cameo:

Ok. Now that you saw that questionable video, the insights…

Haha. There are none. No one knows why this happened or what it means. Melo has made cameos on Law & Order and Nurse Jackie before, so maybe he’s preparing for a career as a background actor as he reaches the back nine of his career.

Just enjoy the weirdness and be glad that opportunities like this help give him a break from taking ill-advised shots.

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