Chuck Norris Lookalike Tied Up and Robbed in Brazil

Chuck Norris lookalike

A Chuck Norris lookalike in Brazil suffered a fate usually reserved for characters played by the actual Chuck Norris after being tied up and robbed in his home. Unfortunately, the Chuck Norris lookalike, named Norberto Tavares de Lira, wasn’t able to put on a denim shirt with uzis strapped to it to get revenge. However, the robbers did take what they wanted, and left Norberto and his wife unharmed, which I guess can be considered a win in a home invasion, even though the REAL Chuck Norris would have never let that happen.

Apparently, the actor goes by “Chuck Norbas,” which is just terrific:


If the stories we’ve all heard about Chuck Norris are true, then I’m guessing he’ll take an assault on an unlicensed Chuck Norris lookalike the same way he’d take an assault on himself. Which is to say…not well.

Run and hide, home invaders. Run and hide.

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