Gregg Popovich Gives First In-Game Interview of the Season, and It’s Great (Video)

Gregg Popovich David Aldridge

Gregg Popovich is an awesome coach. Not just because Pop understands how to assemble a team and execute on the X’s and O’s, but because he is the best interview in the NBA.

He’s such a hard-ass to the journalists trying to get information from him that it’s a spectacle to watch. Unfortunately, Popovich seems to be in on the joke, so now it’s as if there’s a little bit of “wink, wink” when he gives almost any answer.

Check it out here:

In this instance, it’s David Aldridge who can’t believe that Mr. Spurs is giving him a straight answer. Aldridge laughs at the absurdity of the situation, which makes Gregg Popovich actually crack a smile.

It’s a little disappointing to feel like we’re through the looking glass on this one. It would be like if Bill Belichick opened a chain of Pit Bull training facilities. It’s funny, but it’s almost better when they’re not in on the joke.

TL;DR version: Popovich is the crotchety old guy with a heart of gold. THE BEARD GIVES HIM FEELINGS!


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