Built-Up Hockey Fight Results in One-Punch KO (Video)

hockey fight

In a hockey fight, just like in boxing, the build-up doesn’t always make for a more dramatic contest.

In the vein of Tyson-Spinks, here’s a hockey fight between two goons in minor league hockey. The league, known as Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, is known for its bruisers, and it lives up to that billing here. 

Even by hockey standards, these guys look VERY comfortable throwing down in a hockey fight. It looks like they’re even showmen about it.

Let’s go to the tape and watch The Mountain take on The Viper (with less head-exploding):

Jeez. That seems like a pretty bloodthirsty gladiator crowd right there. I’m surprised a riot didn’t break out in the stands. For those who play fantasy thug hockey, you’d probably like to know that it was Guillaume Coude who knocked out Dylan Garrioch.

Also, there was a hockey game played between their two teams. But you didn’t come here to read about THAT.

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