J.J. Watt Delivered Some Pizza for Papa John’s…for Charity (Video)

J.J. Watt

Lest you think that the Pro-Bowl defensive lineman J.J.Watt was moonlighting slinging pizzas for Papa John’s on his off-day, let’s clear the air: Papa John’s and J.J. Watt partnered up for an event that saw 10% of all Tuesday’s sales from the chain going to Watt’s charity, the creatively-named J.J. Watt foundation.

The charity provides after-school activities for kids to keep them from getting into trouble. A noble cause.

Far more noble than being involved in the sale and consumption of Papa John’s pizza, but it’s for a good cause, so I’ll resist the urge to talk smack about chain restaurants in this piece.

Here’s a video, in case you wanted to see J.J. Watt’s career in Bizarroland:

Do most Papa John’s employees wear well-tailored button-up shirts on the line? Oh. They do? Huh. Ok. Nevermind then. 

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