Jose Canseco Shot Off His Finger in a Gun Accident

Jose Canseco

From the f*cked up files of Jose Canseco:

Don’t you hate it when bad things happen to good people? Well, that didn’t happen today, because the victim of misfortune in this case was Jose Canseco.

Mr. 40/40 was cleaning his gun, as people often do on a Tuesday, and he shot off his fingers. Now, I’m guessing that there were a few important steps there that were glossed over, but we just don’t have the details yet regarding Jose Canseco and the Baffling Case of the Idiot Cleaning His Gun.

TMZ has some news on it. Namely, it was his middle finger on his left hand, which is the one most people use to flip off motorists. Jose Canseco was apparently cleaning the gun at the table in front of his fiancee, when the gun surprisingly went off. Doctors are working to save the finger, but…don’t hurt yourself there, fellas. Give it five, ten minutes, and if the finger isn’t looking like it’s gonna take, chalk it up as a life experience and move on.

If he dies in finger surgery, Jose Canseco will be survived by his regular brother, Ozzie, and his Bash Brother, Mark McGwire.