MJ Takeover of Charlotte Hornets’ Social Media Accounts Produces Some Gems (Pics)

mj takeover charlotte hornets social media accounts

Michael Jordan isn’t just the greatest basketball player of all time. He is also one of the most famous people on earth. So he must have a pretty huge social media following, right?

Wrong. Michael Jordan is not on the Twitters or the Instagrambooks. You might think he is because there’s a Twitter account called @Jumpman23 with 2,000,000 followers that has that little blue checkmark. But that’s not the man himself. That’s his shoe company.

No, Jordan the actual man is not on social media, which is why the MJ takeover—oops, sorry, #MJTakeover—of the Charlotte Hornets’ social media accounts was kind of a big deal to people who care about this sort of thing. It was a chance for a (somewhat) unfiltered Michael Jordan to talk directly to his fans.

Of course, the MJ takeover included both Twitter and Instagram, but the posts were exactly the same (suggesting MJ had a social media intern by his side all day), so we’re only going to show you the Twitter posts here.

Some of them were pretty good. Take a look:

Obviously, that Keegan Bradley burn was the best. NOBODY talks trash like MJ.