Russian Highway Football Brawl is as Crazy as it Sounds (Video)

Russian highway football brawl

What’s a Russian highway football brawl? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A Russian highway football brawl is a big mess o’ violence between soccer fans that takes place on a highway—in the snow, of course.

Why is it taking place on a highway, you ask? Because it’s Russia and crazy shit like this happens every five minutes over there. That’s the most satisfactory answer you’re going to get.

I mean, look at that picture. Are there any words that I could type that would shed more light or insight on what you’re seeing? No way in hell, but let’s give it a try anyway:

The Russian highway football brawl was comprised of 76 men divided up among two gangs (yes, gangs) who support competing football teams.  They beat the ever loving shit out of each other for four minutes, only to end the fight with hugs, handshakes, and no hard feelings. The “no hard feelings” part came after one man continued to punch and kick a man on the ground long after the victim was unconscious and blood was pouring out of his head.

Here’s the awesome video:

According to this article, one of the men from the winning party approached one of the losing, beaten men and said, “Thank you for the fight.”

Life really is hard in Russia, isn’t it?

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