SDSU Halloween Baseball Game Gets Hit by a ‘Thriller’ Flash Mob (Video)

SDSU Halloween baseball game

A SDSU Halloween baseball game was interrupted yesterday so that 100 or so individuals could remind you that flash mobs are still a thing, and that you won’t have to wait until I Love the 2010’s to see them again. To the credit of the dancers, it looks like they did a pretty good job organizing this flash mob dance, set to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

I believe that logistics are the biggest hurdle to getting a good flash mob going, so they knocked out the first hurdle with flying colors, even if they disrupted the SDSU Halloween baseball game, a tradition unlike any other.

Perhaps the best part about this flash mob, besides the fact that someone did a flash mob in 2014, is that in the stands, there were likely a few baseball purists who were complaining about the sanctity of the game, and reverence for tradition. All while the catcher was wearing a cat tail.

Ok. Here’s the video, via Extra Mustard:

Abe Lincoln dances with purpose!

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