Bill Nye the Science Guy Tweets World Series Science Truth Bomb During Game 7 (Video)

bill nye the science guy eric hosmer slide into first base

Are you one of those people who insists that diving into first base somehow gets you there faster than running through the bag? Well, it doesn’t. Diving into first is bad. But don’t take my word for it. Take the world of Bill Ney the Science Guy. He was watching Game 7 of the World Series last night, and when Eric Hosmer dove into first, he got on Twitter and dropped a scientific truth bomb..

But let me set it up for you first. It was the bottom of the third inning. The Royals had one on and nobody out in a 2-2 ballgame, and Eric Hosmer hit a grounder up the middle. Giants second-baseman Joe Panik made a fantastic diving stab and an even more fantastic backhanded flip to Brandon Crawford, who then fired the ball over to first.

That’s when it happened. Hosmer dove into first. It was a close play, and the umpire called him safe. But Giants manager Bruce Bochey challenged the play, and the replay review overturned the call on the field—a World Series First.

Take a look:

As the replay review was going on, Fox “analyst” (i.e. “official talking guy”) Harold Reynolds explained that while he himself isn’t a no-sliding-into-first hardliner, it was clear that, in this case, Hosmer slowed down while sliding.

That’s when Bill Nye the Science Guy felt the need to add his two cents:

You see, Harold, diving into first doesn’t slow down the runner sometimes. The laws of physics apply to all people at all times. Diving into first base slows the runner down every time. ESPN baseball savant Keith Law gets it:

In fact, I’d pay money to watch alternate broadcasts with Keith Law and Bill Nye providing the color commentary.