Hamburg Pitch Invader Attacks Franck Ribery with Scarf, Flips Him the Bird (Video)

hamburg pitch invader attacks franck ribery

Yesterday in Bundesliga action, a Hamburg pitch invader ran onto the field and attacked Bayern Munich superstar Franck Ribery with his scarf, then gave him the old double-bird before being dragged away by security.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking right now. “German aggression toward a Frenchman? Now way.” But I’m not lying. It really did happen. Bayern had a 3-1 lead in extra time, and Ribery had scored the third goal. So I guess the Hamburg fan just wanted to let the French midfielder know that they would rather have won the game.

Take a look:

Now, you may be wondering why the fan was able to make it all the way across the field without being intercepted by security. But there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. You see, over the last year or so, pretty much every fan who’s run onto a soccer field has only wanted one thing: a selfie. So the Hamburg security probably assumed that’s all this guy wanted.

Little did they know Franck Ribery would be the subject of a vicious scarf attack.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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