Gruesome Jason Chimera Broken Nose Is the Hockiest Thing Ever (Pic)

jason chimera broken nose pic

If nasty injuries make you uncomfortable, you’re in the wrong place. Last night Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith broke Capitals forward Jason Chimera‘s nose in half and rearranged it into the shape of…well, something that’s not a nose.

The crazy thing is, the nose rearranging didn’t happen during a fight. It happened during a pretty typical hockey play. Chimera skated in to finish a check on Smith, but Smith saw him coming, leaned into it, and knocked Chimera down with a good hard shoulder.

Take a look:

jason chimera broken nose

At first you didn’t think much of it. But then NBCSN showed Chimera over on the Washington bench getting attention from the team trainer and OH MY GOD JASON CHIMERA BROKEN NOSE IS SO BROKEN!

Check out the closeup:

jason chimera broken nose 3

Absolutely disgusting. But did Chimera miss a shift? Of course not. You don’t skate, shoot, pass, or check with your nose. So he stayed in the game, crooked honker and all.

God I love hockey.

Hat Tip – [RMNB]

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