Michael Jordan Celebrates Like A Maniac After Bobcats Tie the Game (Video)

Michael Jordan celebrates

When Michael Jordan celebrates, you know something big just went down. This is a guy who’s had enough success as a player to be as jaded as one can get. As an owner, he’s had far less success, but many are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with his Charlotte Bobcats.

Last night, Kemba Walker drained a three to tie the game in the waning moments of regulation, and you can see in this video how Michael Jordan celebrates – furiously.

Though we don’t have footage of MJ tearing the house down after Walker’s two-pointer to win the game in OT, we can imagine that it went a little something like this:

Fan, player and owner alike… we all get crazy during game-winning shots in OT! #HornetsComeback

Um vídeo publicado por Charlotte Hornets (@hornets) em

From the looks of it, Michael wasn’t the only one fired up. That crowd looked killer. Let’s hope that Charlotte can take to their team and their team can give them some success in return.

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