Michael Jordan Calls Obama a ‘Shi**y Golfer’ (Video)

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan sat down with Ahmad Rashad last week, and shared with him a couple interesting viewpoints, but perhaps the newest and most interesting is that Michael Jordan thinks Barack Obama is a shi**y golfer.

In case you are a very literal person who can’t crack that code, it’s “shitty.” Michael Jordan went out and said that Barack Obama is a shitty golfer.

Why are they talking about the president’s golf game? I have no idea. You’d think that maybe the interviewer would steer the conversation towards basketball, but the subject of the commander in chief’s links prowess came up in a segment about Michael Jordan’s fantasy (golf) foursome.

Wanna know who he likes? Tough. Watch the video like I had to:

I wonder what Michael Jordan thinks of my golf game. I’m guessing he’s not a huge fan.

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