Chevy Guy’s World Series MVP Presentation Was Painfully Awkward (Video)

Rikk Wilde madison bumgarner world series mvp presentation

As soon as the ball left the bat of Salvador Perez, even before Pablo Sandoval set up camp underneath it, you knew exactly what was going to happen. The Giants were going to win their third World Series in a five year span. And we were about to see Madison Bumgarner standing next to Bud Selig and Erin Andrews for a World Series MVP presentation.

What we did not know—what we could not have known—was that Chevrolet regional zone manager Rikk “Rikk With Two Ks” Wilde was about to become an internet sensation for his painfully awkward attempt to convince Americans to buy the Chevy Colorado.

Seriously, we’re talking total train wreck here. “It combines class-winning and -leading, um, you know technology and stuff,” Rikk said about the truck he was about to give to the insanely wealthy 25-year-old professional baseball player.

In all I counted nine “uhs” or “ums” during the one-minute segment. And at one point I was literally worried Rikk might have a heart attack and die right there on camera.

Take a look:

Some advice, Rikk With Two Ks? Just lean into this. Make the best of this and own your 15 seconds of internet fame.

And if you get any sh*t from your bosses, ask them if they think anybody would be talking about Chevy today of the presentation had gone smoothly.

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