Here’s a Cavaliers Employee Pouring Gatorade Into a Powerade Bottle (GIF)

cavaliers employee pours gatorade into powerade bottle

Remember when LeBron James had to exit Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals early because the AC broke at the AT&T Center and he cramped up? And remember how Gatorade started making fun of Powerade on Twitter because LeBron officially endorses Powerade?

Well, here’s the thing. Powerade may pay James a bunch of money to endorse their colored sugar water, but Gatorade is the official colored sugar water of the NBA, so only their product is allowed down on the sidelines. And that means LeBron was actually drinking Gatorade when he cramped up, because LeBron always drinks Gatorade on the sidelines.

See? He just takes the labels off:

lebron drinking gatorade

So when Gatorade made fun of Powerade on Twitter, they were really making fun of themselves.

I bring all this up because last night, during the big LeBron James homecoming game in Cleveland, there was a Cavaliers employee pouring Gatorade into a Powerade bottle.

Why? That we do not know. I would have thought drinking from a Powerade bottle would be a no-no seeing as how Gatorade pays the NBA $18 million per year. So I have no idea why this kid was doing it. But he was, and it was hilarious given what happened last June.

cavaliers employee pours gatorade into powerade bottle

Looks like the sugar water brand war is back on!

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]