This Crossfit Injury Is Like a Regular Injury, But Way Funnier (Video)

crossfit injury

No, I’m not going to feel sorry for people who suffer a Crossfit injury. And yes. I will continue to laugh at them. You’re not supposed to hoist weight above your head a fast as possible, and yes, sometimes that medicine ball you chuck at the wall like a crazy person might bounce back in your face. You’ll live. Probably. Maybe.

This kid seems to be on the verge of falling over right before he…falls over. Normally not the end of the world, but when you’re holding 135 pounds or so over your head, it raises the stakes a little bit. Also, WHY ARE YOU FILMING THIS? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR EXERCISE! But thanks for documenting your funny Crossfit injury.

Here’s the video:


That’s the best 11 seconds you’re going to spend all day.

Here it is again:

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