Dallas Cowboys Fan Destroys His House after Loss to Redskins (Video)

Dallas Cowboys Fan Destroys House

This Dallas Cowboys fan reminds us that NFL enthusiasts are a special breed. You rarely see a baseball fan do so much as bat an eye, and NBA fans don’t seem to get that passionate either. But select NFL fans, namely, this Dallas Cowboys fan, go absolutely bonkers for their team.  And when they lose, things can get ugly, as was the case with this Dallas Cowboys fan following their recent loss to Washington.

The remarkable thing about this video and this incident is that he tells everyone he’s going to do it. This isn’t in the heat of passion. This is premeditated. Fortunately, he seems to live in a windowless basement that was decorated by two drunk college freshman, so the damage probably totaled about $58.

Here’s the video. Appreciate the table-flipping.

Jesus. I think I’ve seen fictional serial killer houses that are less terrifying than that windlowless, lightless dungeon. It’s filled with chicken bones, beer caps, and sad, sad men. Maybe the next time the Cowboys win, he’ll celebrate by putting all his shit back together.

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