Halloween Prank By Flyers Equipment Manager Gets a Jolt from Team (Video)

Halloween prank

All right. That’s not exactly the most engaging Halloween prank headline in the world, but I would rather err on the side of a bland headline than give the joke away in the headline. Especially because I’m about to give the joke away in the body of the article, before you watch the video. Because I’m evil.

I can’t imagine that equipment managers get to mess around a whole lot for sports teams. Mostly, they probably just get yelled at for bringing the wrong color jerseys or giving out left-handed sticks. But the access they have enables them to be in a great position for a Halloween prank or two.

In this one, Flyers equipment manager Derek Settlemyre goes with an extremely tame Halloween prank by putting a fake snake in a cooler. Not revolutionary or anything, but I doubt he could spike the Gatorade with laxative and still keep his job.


Look out, Carrot Top. Derek Settlemyre is gunnin’ for ya.

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