Jimmy Graham Hurdled WAY Over a Panther in the Saints’ Win (Video)

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham hurdled over the Panthers defense in a way you normally don’t see players doing.

When you hear of a player hurdling over another, it’s generally a little disappointing. It looks like a marionette jumping during a free puppet show. Not so with Jimmy Graham.

Jimmy Graham hurdled the way a track and field hurdler hurdles. Only higher. And during a damn football game.

While it’s pretty clear that Jimmy Graham hurdled like no one was watching, one has to give the Panthers player the assist on this play. Was he drunk? Stoned? He lunged forward towards nothing to make the tackle, and what he ended up with was…nothing.

Here’s the video. Pray for #41:

Despite their lumbering size, it always seems to be tight ends who do this hurdling thing. Jay Novacek would do the same thing for the Cowboys (videos taken down, sadly). If anyone can explain why a 260 lb. lineman is more inclined to jump and jump higher than a receiver, letme know. I’m all ears.


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