LaVar Arrington Wins Halloween with His JJ Watt Halloween Costume (Pic)

LaVar Arrington JJ Watt Halloween Costume

Need a last minute costume idea? Well the NFL Network’s LaVar Arrington wore a JJ Watt Halloween costume on NFL AM this morning, and it was fantastic.

You see, Arrington didn’t just dress as JJ Watt. He dressed as JJ Watt from this iconic image, which is from Week 4 of the 2013 season:


All you need to pull this one off is a #99 Texans jersey, some eye black, and a tube of fake blood.

Sure, the jersey will set you back a hundred bucks. But Watt is probably going to be in the Hall of Fame one day. Consider it an investment in a collector’s item.

Of course, the world being the way it is, LaVar’s costume was met with criticism from some people who accused him of dressing in whiteface. And LaVar had a pretty lame response to these people.

Obviously, Arrington is dressing in whiteface. The question is, is this offensive?

I don’t think it is. Blackface is offensive because of the historical origin of blackface, not because there’s something inherently wrong with a white person portraying a black person. Even if whiteface is basically the same thing as blackface, it doesn’t have that historical baggage. So I find this pretty funny. But that’s just me.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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