LeBron James Homecoming Spoiled by Knicks…and LeBron James (Videos)

lebron james homecoming spoiled by knicks and lebron james

The 2014-15 NBA season officially began with three games on Tuesday. And then there were another 12 games on Wednesday. But every basketball fan knew that the NBA season wouldn’t really begin until the LeBron James homecoming in Cleveland on Thursday. After all, as we saw with the free agent market this summer, the NBA really does revolve around the King.

So how was the LeBron James homecoming? It was fun at first. LeBron was super excited to be back.

And the fans were totally pumped for the return of the chalk toss.

What was it like to be right next to LeBron for his chalk toss tonight? A little @NBAonTNT social media extra for you:

Une vidéo publiée par Rachel Nichols (@rachel_nichols) le

In fact, the Cavaliers went all out and put bags of confetti on every single seat with instructions to throw a handful into the air at the exact moment LeBron did his chalk toss.

Obviously, that would have looked really cool. So nobody actually threw the confetti because they were too busy trying to take a picture of everyone throwing confetti. Except for maybe two dudes.

But enough about that. What about the game? Surely the Cavaliers’ and their high-flying offense featuring LeBron and Kevin Love DESTROYED the hapless New York Knicks, right?

Well, the Cavs’ new stars had a few moments of brilliance.

But unfortunately, that simply was not enough. LeBron’s ego showed up…

But his game stayed at home. The best basketball player in the world went just 5-for-15 from the floor with 17 points, four assists, five rebounds, and zero steals. Meanwhile, the best player on the other team—that would be the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony—was totally clutch.

Final score: New York 95, Cleveland 90.

The good news for Cavaliers fans? This will probably be the worst game LeBron plays all year.

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