Dolphins Gatorade Shower Gives Us a Hilariously Dramatic Ref Reaction (Video)

Gatorade shower

Only a few people should be on the lookout for a Gatorade shower, and all of them are coaches. It’s the players’ one free pass at screwing with their coach, because at that moment, they know he will be in the best possible mood, and thus, won’t get angry.

However, refs NEVER expect a Gatorade shower, because people hate refs.  And while we might want them to drown in Gatorade every once in a while, the refs WILL get mad, and they WILL suspend you, and they WILL assess a 15-yard penalty to your team.

SOOOOOOO, no ref would ever expect to get ice cold sticky drink on them. Which is why it’s so goddamn funny when this ref gets doused with an electrolyte-laden performance-enhancing, freezing cold Gatorade shower. Granted, it’s collateral damage, so it wasn’t intentional, but…oh my.

Watch. WATCH:

Holy hell, that’s priceless. It’s like we can see him move through the five stages of loss and grief in four seconds.

I can’t even offer a blow-by-blow. Just enjoy this for what it is. Divine comedy.

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