Thomas Tyner Spin Move From Oregon-Stanford Game May Leave You Dizzy (Video)

Thomas Tyner spin move

If you’re left reeling by this Thomas Tyner spin move¬†from the Oregon-Stanford game, there’s no need to consult a physician. It will pass. It was just a really, really, really great spin move. In fact, the screenshot above makes the Thomas Tyner spin move look a little blurry. That’s not the photo quality. As the Stanford Cardinal can attest, it was exactly that blurry in real life.

What makes this play so unique isn’t that it was a spin move that led to a TD. It’s that he had run about 25 yards downfield before making the move. Which means he essentially went from 0-60, then back to near 0, then back up to 60 to make the score.

Here ya go. Take dramamine as necessary.

It’s really awesome, and I’ll take this over a fingertip catch any day. But not over a good stiff arm. Nothing gets me fired up like a good stiff arm.

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