9 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant Should Just Retire

kobe bryant

After missing all but six games last season while rehabbing a ruptured achilles and a fractured lateral tibia plateau, Kobe Bryant has returned for the 2014-15 to play out the two-year $48.5 extension he signed with the Lakers last November. But should he have returned? Was is really a good idea for everyone involved? As you’ve probably figured out from the title of this list, I suspect not.

It’s certainly not because he has nothing left to offer. The guy is 35 years old and he scored 31 points the other night. He obviously has something left to offer. But just because you can, that doesn’t mean you should. And what follows are nine reasons why Kobe Bryant should not.

Please take a look. Then feel free to call me all sorts of names in the comments section.


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