Anthony Fasano Scores a TD While Sitting on His Butt (Video)

Anthony Fasano Scores a TD While Sitting on His Ass 2

Anthony Fasano was in the right place at the right time. In fact, he wasn’t even standing in the right place. He was sitting. But if you want to score a TD while sitting, the 1 yard line is a pretty good place to post up.

It’s unclear from this Vine why Anthony Fasano was sitting down. Maybe he was tired. Maybe he was pouting that he wasn’t the first look in this pass play, but for whatever reason, he was Johnny-on-the-spot once the ball was deflected and sent his way.

Because this is pro ball, sitting down isn’t the end of the play. Since he wasn’t touched until he’d popped up, it was game on for Anthony Fasano who stretched out the way you do when the remote control is JUST out of reach, and scored his team a touchdown.

Take a gander:

He’s raised the bar. Next time, he needs to score while napping or while texting from the sideline.

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