Cristiano Ronaldo Hugged by a Pitch Invader Who Hangs on Like Grim Death (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo hugged

Cristiano Ronaldo found out in his Real Madrid game against Granada that pitch invaders aren’t always seeking fame or attention. Sometimes, they just want love and human contact. So when a Tween-ish age kid stormed the pitch and held on to Cristiano Ronaldo , it was kinda cute. Then the kid wouldn’t let go. Ever. Not when he was asked to, and not when he was being escorted off the field.

It was so dramatic that you expected to see him slip a note to Ronaldo that said “Help. I’ve been kidnapped.”

Wanna see footage of Cristiano Ronaldo hugged?  You can check it out below while wondering what’s got that kid so attached to the soccer star:


In other news, Real Madrid won the match 4-0, so I’m guessing that Ronaldo was a little more receptive to an overly-adoring fan than if they had dropped the match to an underdog.

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