Lance Stephenson and His Pop-Up Head Will Startle the Hell Out of You (Video)

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson is known for being a bit of a…weirdo. This video won’t do much to counter that argument. When he’s not blowing in an icon’s ear, Lance Stephenson is taking cues from Chris Bosh, rearing his startling head out of nowhere.

And while Bosh would do it with a knowing photo-bomb-y wink to the camera, Lance Stephenson is just…holy hell! He just gets up there unintentionally!

Here’s the Vine. Brace yourself:

Lance Stephenson, ladies and gentleman. Look at his eyes. They seem to follow you around the room, like the Mona Lisa.

To his credit, he’s very good at inserting himself in the limelight, apparently. What a skilled self-promoter. Beyond this, maybe we can see him pop up at the State of the Union address, maybe the Oscars, and possibly during the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl.

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