Dying College Basketball Player Lauren Hill Realizes Her Dream (Videos)

dying college basketball player lauren hill realizes her dream

Last year, a high school basketball player named Lauren Hill committed to playing basketball for Division III Mount Saint Joseph University on her 18th birthday. Just a few weeks later she started feeling slow, dizzy, and occasionally numb. Then, last November, she received the terrible diagnosis: brain tumor. Inoperable.

Doctors gave her two years.

At that point Lauren could have just crumbled and retreated into herself, and nobody would have blamed her. But she didn’t. She decided that she wanted to make the most of the time she had left and realize her ultimate dream of playing college basketball. So she went off to school at Mount Saint Joseph outside Cincinnati, and she started training with the basketball team—migraines, joint pain, dizziness, and all.

Unfortunately, her latest MRI earlier this fall brought more bad news. The tumor had advanced and her life expectancy was shortened. Now doctors said she would not live past December.

With that, Mount Saint Joseph (and the Twitterverse) took action to make sure Hill realized her dream. They asked the NCAA and Hiram College to move their 2014-15 season opener up three weeks to the start of November, and all parties obliged.

So on Sunday, a dying college basketball player realized her dream. She started at forward for the Mount Saint Joseph Lions. And though she only played a few seconds at the start of each half, she scored four points.

Here is her first layup:

Here is her second:

And her is her sideline interview during the game:

Our thoughts are with you, Lauren. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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