NASCAR Fight! Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon Brawl After AAA Texas 500 (Videos)

nascar brawl between jeff gordon and brad keselowski

There was a good old fashioned NASCAR fight on Sunday following the AAA Texas 500. And it was awesome—er, I mean, a disgrace.

It all started on a re-start with just two laps to go. In first was four-time NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon, who leads the “Chase for the Cup” (i.e. NASCAR playoffs). In second was six-time NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson. And in third was one-time NASCAR champ Brad Keselowski.

With Gordon and Johnson running side-by-side, Keselowski tried to pass them both, which took some balls. But the hole closed up and he made contact with Gordon, slicing his tire. Gordon then spun out and had to go to pit row for a tire change, finishing 29th. Johnson went on to win, while Keselowski finished third.

Afterward, Gordon was understandably pissed that the guy who knocked him out of the race with a risky maneuver wound up in third. So he pulled up behind Kesewloski in pit row, hopped out of his car, ran over to him, and gave him a piece of his mind.

Pretty soon, everybody was throwing haymakers.

Take a look:

Jeff Gordon, your thoughts?

Okay then.

Hat Tip – [NASCAR & SB Nation]

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