A Navy Seal and a Dog Rappelled from the Roof of Cowboys Stadium Sunday (Video)

Navy Seal

Let’s just enjoy the elements of that headline for a second. There can’t be any clear need for a Navy Seal, let alone a Navy Seal and a dog, to slide down a rope from the top of Cowboys Stadium, short of some tactical response to a public threat. The good news is, there was no threat to the attendees. The bad news is, that doesn’t explain why the hell this happened.

Here’s a better-quality Tweeted pic of the fanfare:

And here’s the footage:

Hilariously, there is no clear and evident explanation as to why this took place, with most outlets just Tweeting the pic and saying “This is pretty cool,” with no further context. And honestly, there’s no further reason surrounding this photo that would make it any better or cooler.

So, enjoy the photo, exclusive of context, and allow it to remind you how un-interesting your Sunday was compared to this dog’s.

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