Here’s the Johnny Manziel Golf Digest Cover (Pic)

johnny manziel golf digest cover 2

Why is a second string NFL quarterback on the cover of Golf Digest? Because Johnny Manziel is an avid golfer and they wanted to tell the story of a rich white kid from Texas who defied to odds to become even richer and date dozens of incredibly hot women.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Johnny Manziel is on the cover of Golf Digest for the same reason the fiancée of a golfer and daughter of a hockey player was: to grab headlines and get people to buy the magazines. After all, ESPN has established that the sports-loving public simply cannot get enough of Johnny Footb—er, I mean, Johnny Golfball. Why not capitalize with a Johnny Manziel Golf Digest cover?

Manziel really is an avid golfer, though. In the cover story he even goes so far as to say his whole family bonded by playing golf together. Which is, like, so sweet.

Aaaanyway, you can read some mind-blowing Johnny Manziel golf quotes and look at more pictures of the guy holding golf clubs here. As you can probably tell from the buoyancy of my prose, I’m very excited about all this.

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