Rick Reilly Gets Bench Pressed and Dropped by Punter Steve Weatherford (Video)

Rick Reilly

I think we’ve all had that dream where we want to show semi-retired sports columnist Rick Reilly how strong we are. So we bench press him, but end up dropping him, and we feel shame because the last thing we would want to do is endanger the cliche-ridden, sappy writer.

WELL, New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford ended up living that recurring Rick Reilly dream, bench pressing the writer for an ESPN segment, then, upon realizing that Rick Reilly wasn’t an easily grab-able iron bar, dropped him.

Like so many of the other dumb, funny videos we post, this is far more enjoyable without context, but if you must know why a punter was bench pressing a much older man, it’s because Steve Weatherford is a physical specimen, especially for a punter.  So Rick Reilly sat with him to discuss his regimen, and ended up becoming part of his regimen.

Here’s the video. If Weatherford worked out his core stabilizing muscles, instead of just his glamour muscles, this never would have happened.

Now do Bill Simmons!

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