Sleeping Giants Fan Pretty Much Sums Up Monday Night Football (Videos)

sleeping giants fan

The first half of the NFL season has been a little hard to figure out. The Steelers struggled at first, but now look like contenders. People were saying Tom Brady was finished a few weeks ago, and then he came roaring back to prove them wrong. The Seahawks and 49ers have struggled, while the Cardinals have raced to a 7-1 record. A bunch of teams we all thought were shoe-ins for the playoffs (Green Bay, New Orleans, Carolina, Kansas City) are on life-support.

And then there’s the New York Giants. They started out 0-2, and we were like, here we go. But then they won three in a row, and we raised an eyebrow and wondered, maybe they won’t suck? Maybe the sky will turn orange, and cats and dogs will start living together in harmony?

But now they’ve lost three in a row to sink to 3-5, meaning they’ll probably have to go 7-1 the rest of the way to make the playoffs. And as anyone who watched last night’s game against the Colts will tell you, that is not possible.

How bad was it last night? Well, the funny thing is, the stats don’t actually tell the story. The total plays, total yards, passing yards, and rushing yards were are pretty much the same. Andrew Luck and Eli Manning threw for 354 and 359 yards respectively, and neither got picked off.

So how do you tell the story of the Giants sad effort against the Colts? You start with some Manning faces:

You throw in a shot of a sleeping Giants fan:

Then you give the final score, 40-24, and point out that it was actually 40-10 until the Colts took out their first string defenders midway through the fourth quarter.

Obviously, order has been restored to the NFL.

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