15 Athletes Who Dated Adult Film Stars

athletes who dated adult film stars athletes who dated porn stars

When I say this list is about athletes who dated adult film stars, what I really mean, of course, is that it’s about athletes who probably got busy with adult film stars.

Why did we lower the bar on what it means to “date”? Well for one, “athletes who dated adult film stars” has a better ring to it than “athletes who probably got busy with adult film stars.” Plus, if we limited ourselves to athletes who really did date adult film stars, it’d be a pretty short list.

In any case, there surely are more athletes who “dated” adult film stars than we have listed here. We are in no way under the impression that our list is comprehensive. These are just the ones we can be reasonably sure about. (Sorry, no Gronk & Bibi.)

But enough small talk. Let’s get down to business, shall we?


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