There’s a New Sexy Anastasia Ashley Beach Video, and This Time She Brought a Friend (Video)

sexy anastasia ashley beach video

Last year we did a post about a video of pro surfer Anastasia Ashley doing a sexy warmup dance on the beach before a competition. I called it, without a drop of hyperbole, the single greatest warmup routine in the history of sports. And I think pretty much everyone who saw it agreed with me.

Now, finally, there’s a new sexy Anastasia Ashley beach video. And while it does not involve one and a half minutes of uninterrupted twerking, this time she brought a friend.

You see, it seems Ms. Ashley is getting paid to endorse LifeProof iPhone cases, so on a recent trip to Bimini with her BFF Jaimie Sullivan she took lots of (occasionally sexy) video. Then they edited the footage and put it on YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

Take a look:

For future reference, Anastasia, if you keep making videos like this I will buy whatever you want me to buy.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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