Drunk Steelers Fan Who Knocked a Woman Unconscious and Tried to Bribe Cops Probably Gonna Be Fired by IRS

drunk steelers fan stephan sapp tries to bride cops

Meet Stephan Sapp. Stephen is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and an employee of the Internal Revenue Service—but not for long.

You see, Sapp was at Heinz Field on Sunday night, but he wasn’t just a Steelers fan. He was a drunk Steelers fan. And he wound up getting ejected.

Now, if that had been the end of it, Sapp would probably be fine and we wouldn’t know his name. But that was not the end of it. As police tried to escort Sapp out of the stadium, he started throwing steel crowd dividers at them, and in the process he hit one female fan in the head and knocked her unconscious. Then Sapp tried to bribe the police officers to just let him go.

“Listen, I know how this works,” the official police report has him saying. “How much money will it take to make this go away and to let me go home today?”

The folks over at ESPN contacted an IRS spokesperson who confirmed that Sapp is an employee and said criminal chargers “could” affect his employment status.

Translation: dude is f**king fired.

So take heed, sports fans. If you get wasted at a game and they kick you out, just go peacefully.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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