High School Cross Country Runners Disqualified for Helping Fallen Competitor (Video)

High School Cross Country Runners Disqualified for Helping Fallen Competitor (Video)

As everybody knows, the point of youth sports isn’t winning. It’s about developing character and a strong work ethic.

So you know, this story about two high school cross country runners disqualified for helping a fallen competitor just makes all kinds of sense.

At the Minnesota high school girls cross country meet in Northfield on Saturday, Jessica Christoffer ran out of gas and collapsed just 50 meters from the finish line. So two of her competitors, Tierney Winter and Kailee Kiminski, decided to do the right thing and go help her finish.

That’s when a race official went over and informed them that if they did help her, all three of them would be disqualified—because rules are important and the rules say you are not allowed to aid a runner.

They did it anyway.

“I saw her fall and it’s 50 meters away from the finish. And I was like, ‘I couldn’t leave her there,'” Tierny explained. “We crossed the finish line and she was like, ‘thank you’, and I’m like, ‘no problem’. I wouldn’t want to be left out there if it was me, so I just thought of myself there too. So, just to be a friend, a friend of a runner I guess.”

The Minnesota State High School League say the race official and the league “feel bad” about being such goddamn morons, but rules are rules.

Of course, we’ve seen this sort of thing before, and in at least one previous case officials behaved like sensible human beings and ignored the rules.

But now, way to stand up for law and order, Minnesota State High School League. We’re all really proud of you.

Hat Tip – [KSTP via Uproxx]

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