Kent State’s Jon Cunningham Is Pumped Up To Battle…Toledo (Video)

Jon Cunningham pumped

If I was a Kent State football player, I would probably have to bring a little of my own mojo to get fired up. Their schedule doesn’t exactly put them in the catbird seat for a playoff bid.  However, Jon Cunningham always manages to find a way.

Put more bluntly, Kent State’s Jon Cunningham looks and acts like he’s been locked in a trunk for three days, huffing spray paint and pounding Red Bull. He’s ready to go. So much so that if Lattimer from The Program saw this guy, he would call him “intense” and ask him to take it down a notch.

Take a look:

Did it work?

It did…not.

The Golden Flashes of Kent State lost to the mighty Rockets of Toledo, 30-20. But I’m sure it wasn’t for a lack of enthusiasm from the sideline. Kent State is now 1-8, and 0-5 in their conference, so either Mr. Cunningham is going to have to get REALLY jacked up next time, or maybe they just need to improve in every other aspect of football.

Hopefully both.

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