Kobe Bryant Hurdles Over a Row of Fans During Lakers-Suns Game (Video)

Kobe Bryant hurdles row of courtside fans

Picture this: You’re sitting in the front row of a Lakers game, minding your own business, maybe even eating a Wetzel’s Gourmet Pretzel or sipping on a Bottomless Souvenir Soda, when suddenly, out of nowhere Kobe Bryant hurdles right over you.

That once-in-a-lifetime scenario played out for a few Lakers fans in attendance during last night’s game against the Phoenix Suns.  While chasing a loose ball out of bounds in the third quarter, the Black Mamba kindly hurdled over a row of courtside fans, rather than crash right through them at such a high speed.  The decision nearly cost Kobe his knees, but it almost certainly saved at least one person’s life.

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s Kobe Bryant soaring over a row of fans at the Staples Center last night:

Kobe appeared to be walking a little gingerly following the play, but he would be fine, finishing with 39 points and 9 rebounds.

You know who wasn’t fine?  The Lakers.  They lost again, this time by a score of 112-106, dropping them to 0-5 on the season.

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