Watch Young Jamie Benn Spin Circles Around a Team and Score (Video)

young Jamie benn

As this video of a young Jamie Benn demonstrates, there’s nothing better than old footage of a professional athlete raising hell as a little kid. And now that we’re in both the Internet age, and the age of cameraphones, it’s only going to get better and better.

Here, we’ve got Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn getting down the ice, and worming his way past an entire team using a spin move and some slick stick handling that showed he was ready for primetime.

Here’s the video. As you can tell from the screenshot and the clip, the kid even celebrated like a pro:

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the advances in camera technology that no longer result in early-90’s footage that looks as though it was taken during the Civil War.

It’s a bummer that young Jamie Benn had to switch numbers from 10 to 14. Unless 14 was the number that he always wanted, in which case, it’s a happy ending to an awesome video.

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