21 Sexy Anastasia Ashley GIFs that Will Probably Be the Highlight of Your Week

anastasia ashley gifs

Do you know why the internet was invented? It wasn’t for sharing knowledge with people halfway around the globe, or so your aunt could post cat videos on Facebook. The internet was invented solely for the proliferation of Anastasia Ashley GIFs. Al Gore may not have known it at the time, but it’s true. Anastasia Ashley GIFs are the internet’s raison d’etre.

Now, at this point, I suppose some of you might be saying, “Who the hell is Anastasia Ashley?” And I’m going to tell you. Anastasia Ashley is a pro surfer—perhaps not the best pro surfer in the world, but probably one of the hottest and definitely the most famous, thanks mostly to her sexy beach videos. And this list of Anastasia Ashley GIFs is going change your life. Probably.

Take a look.

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