Brett Favre Was The Third Choice To Cameo In ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Brett Favre

Brett Favre, in a bit of 90’s nostalgia (and likely to help promote Dumb and Dumber To), recently was interviewed with the Farrelly Brothers on the NFL Network to discuss his turn in There’s Something About Mary 16 years ago. It turns out he wasn’t the directors’ first pick. Or their second.

He was the third pick. Behind the first pick…Drew Bledsoe (the Farrellys hail from New England, which makes this pick slightly less dumb) and the second pick…Steve Young.

Bledsoe was slotted for the part, but got hurt in a mosh pit at an Everclear concert. I swear to God.

Steve Young declined because of his Mormon beliefs and the fact that the content of There’s Something About Mary runs totally opposite to Mormon beliefs.

So, the directors went after Brett Favre. Excuse me, “Brett Fav-ruh.” The QB was awkward in an endearing enough way that he made the part work. It’s hard to imagine Drew Bledsoe in the cameo, but Steve Young likely would have killed it. It’s too bad he believes in stuff.

Here’s how the back-and-forth between the Farrellys and Brett Favre went, via CBSSports:

“Our first choice was Drew Bledsoe. He was the stud at the time for the Patriots … but he had just gotten into a little,” Bobby Farrelly said.

“They had the mosh incident,” Peter Farrelly interjected. “He was a single guy, went out with his pals, they went to a club, he dove into a mosh pit and someone kind of tweaked their neck, nothing serious, but it was in the news. So he called us up and said ‘I can’t come do your movie in Miami because if they find out I did a movie after that they’re going to run me out of town.'”

“Then we went to Steve Young. And Steve Young called one day and said ‘That’s the funniest script I’ve ever read. But I cannot do it, because if I do it, it’s R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids will be sneaking in and I wouldn’t feel good about that,'” the brothers recalled.

“Stand up guy … then we went to Favre. When Brett was coming, we got phone calls from his manager and said ‘don’t hit him up for autographs.’ So we told the whole crew, just leave them.

Brett Favre did a decent enough job that I think we can be glad it was him.

Oh, man! I just realized they could have cast Michael Irvin! Disregard what I just said.

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